How a $20 pair of shoes walked me into a new life

You wouldn’t believe the things they’ve seen.

If these shoes could tell a story…

They’d probably start by telling you that I brought them to train for a half marathon (who tf was I kidding).

Or; How to Find Love in a Tropical Paradise

Photo by Abhishek Chandra on Unsplash

I’m the kind of person who likes routine.

It can’t all be smooth sailing and calm waters. Where are the folks that washed up on the rocks?

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Now, I don’t like to be cynical (that’s a total lie, I’m British, moaning is in our blood) but there’s something that doesn’t quite sit right with me about all these success stories that I see posted on Medium and just about everywhere else online.

Getting back to a reality in a world that is increasingly digital

Photo by PHOUNIUS on Unsplash

At the tender age of 34, I’m just about old enough to remember a time before smartphones.

One month in a Goan dream

Why it’s better to ride the wave rather than swim against the stream

The Unforgettable Goan Sunset — @toltinova

If you’ve read my previous blogs on Medium you’ll know why I left the UK in 2019 and never looked back.

I didn’t go to India with the intention of finding myself. But the self snuck up on me anyway

Fire, Drums, Chanting, and Singing. The Art of Kirtan

Instagram is well known for promoting unhealthy body image expectations.

There were many factors but this was the strongest

Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

Booking a one-way ticket out of the UK was the best decision I’ve ever made, hands down. It opened up many opportunities I would have missed had I remained trudging through life, wondering what the greener grass felt like.

I really didn’t expect the assault rifle…

Photo by Margaret Whiston on Unsplash

Picture the scene:

Colby J Smith

In November 2019 I took a one-way flight out of the UK to find a new life out in the world. Little did I know a global pandemic was around the corner.

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